How To Use Gmail Emotes – Naughty Funny Angry Emotion Icon Symbols –¬†Express Yourself with Google Emoticons (Emotions + Icons)

Many a times we find ourselves conveying our feelings using emoticons, which are nothing but facial expression. Google Emoticons are an excellent feature that we use to insert in our emails. The increasing popularity of this tool has led Google to enhance its service by provide a new batch of emoticons that are unique and adorable.

Initially scripts needed to be installed to Gmail in order to insert emoticons into emails, but the process is so much simpler now. The Google Emoticons are now easy to use as theses buttons now lie on the same row as the other formatting icons. All you have to do is click on the appropriate emoticon to include in to your email. Place the cursor at the position where you want the emoticon before including it.

The collection now available to the Google users is huge that comprises of emoticons, animations, and many other pictorial icons. There is a drop down list which has numerous emoticons to select from.

Pictures are the best way to express our feelings. Email senders can easily let the receiver know about their currently thoughts and emotions. These have greatly increased the number of Gmail users.

This Google Emoticons works only on the latest version of Gmail. It also requires either Firefox2 or Internet Explorer browsers to run. Users can easily experience this feature by upgrading their browsers.


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