Gmail Introduced The Drag and Drop Feature For Labeling Toolkit

Recently, the most popular mailing service provider, Gmail has been integrated with one best feature. This time, labeling toolkit in the Gmail has been improved, which you’ll find under the left panel of the inbox (otherwise to the right while you use Arabic, Urdu or Hebrew version).

This panel contains all the default folders along with your own personalized folders like Contacts, Travel, Personal, Spam, Trash and so on. It has made the labeling function much easier. Significantly, you will be allowed to stay tuned using the appropriate arrangement of folders at your own preference.

The improved feature of drag and drop for labeling, allows you to easily shift your messages from inbox to some folder like Personal, Travel or your own customized folder. All you have to simply select and drag the message that you need to move, and then drop that massage into preferred folder.

When you perform this in reverse order, dragging the particular folder and dropping it in the message, then your massage will be simply labeled along the name of folder. To label or move more than few messages at a time, you could simply select all the messages, and then drag them all to the desired folder or vice verse.

On the other hand, you could arrange all the folders with this drag and drop feature. The rarely used labels or folders could be dragged and dropped into the “more” menu and conceal them. By doing so, you will get neat and well organized look of the mail box.

Undoubtedly, this feature is a best one, as you’ll not find it in other email providers. There is possibility that sometimes you’ll not see this feature in your Gmail account. You can check for it frequently because it will be integrated with your account soonest possible.


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