Tips for Disabling Threaded (Grouped) Conversation View in Gmail

Email threading Or Conversation view is the pioneer feature of Gmail, the main function of this is to group the emails of the same topic collectively. Conversation view keeps the mailbox uncluttered, which otherwise will be disorganized without this feature. The email threading and grouping furthermore makes it easy for reading and replying to an email.

When Gmail made its debut way back in 2004, conversation view was mandatory without any option for turning it off or disabling the threading feature. Along with the passage of time, new features have been added in Gmail and now this is not a mandatory feature, you have the ability to disable it if you do not want email in grouped view.

Here are the steps for disabling or turning off the conversion view in Gmail.

Login to Gmail account

Go to Settings

In the General tab, find Conversation view section

Select the radio button of Conversation View Off

Click Save Changes button

The changes to the mailbox will be made immediately after following the above-mentioned procedure where the conversation view will be turned off and all the threaded messages will be split into separate messages.


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