FrostWire is a file sharing service which is primarily used for sharing music and it works on Gnutella and BitTorrent networks. FrostWire comes with an excellent pleasing interface in blue color and is very easy to navigate through various means.

The best part of FrostWire is that it does not show you any unwanted ads when you are moving from one page to another. This will ensure that you are free from unwanted adware and spyware and you are also able to concentrate more on your downloads rather than being distracted by the ads.

FrostWire downloads are extremely quick and simple to operate. The community chat facility is novel idea and is very useful for the users of the application. The chat engine installation is quick and easy and the interface is very user friendly. You need to be a little careful during the installation to ensure that you install only those modules which you actually need.

FrostWire is developed in Java and is compatible with all the popular platforms. There are no restrictions on multiple downloads at the same time, ie no simultaneous download restriction. It provides a whole lot of information such as bandwidth, the vendor, the version and many other details. It is an Open System software and is freely download-able.

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