Google’s Unparalleled Brilliant Tool “Wonder Wheel” Promising Accurate Search

Google has created a new tool named as “Wonder Wheel” to make the search precise. Wonder Wheel is brilliant tool which helps in finding information automatically by segregating the information through a chain of many sub topics for a main topic.

Wonder Wheel is considered as a unique tool created by Google, as it produces a wide and knowledgeable spectrum of data. This data is used in procuring detailed information through many chains of subtopics. Its unparalleled feature makes it a prominent option for doing a research on any Subject.

Steps to follow in order to launch the Unique Wonder Wheel on Google platform:

  • Enter the link in address bar.
  • Once the Google window is launched type in the information to be searched in the search bar.
  • Now, select the “Show Options” located just above the searched results.
  • Then navigate through the set of options listed on the left Hand Side of the web page displayed to explore the Wonder-Wheel option.
  • Spectacular, now one can find and search any topic through the spectrum Wonder Wheel.

A list of few comments on Wonder Wheel to explain how beneficial it is:

  • If Blogger needs detailed information on any given subject, in order to access the information, they browse through many topics on different browsers. Now through the help of Wonder Wheel any Blogger can find wide spectrum of information they would require for their blogs. This can also help Bloggers in getting many more key words for their blogs listed which may be enclosed in their postings
  • Researchers browse for core information on varied subjects. In order to complete their research they browse through many topics; hence using this wonder wheel can make their research jobs easier and faster.
  • For individuals, Wonder-Wheel is most effective in finding information through its unique feature of creating chain of sub topics. This allows one to gain more knowledge on any given subject with detailed information.

Disadvantages of Google’s Wonder Wheel are as follows:

  • While browsing information on Wonder Wheel if one tends to Navigate through back button some times they would find problem as it might not work correctly. But it’s not required for an individual to select back button as the entire sub topics they browsed through will be listed below and one can select the same if they tend to view previous key words.
  • Secondly, there will be an issue in launching the Wonder Wheel if any individual types in the link in address bar as with their country’s abbreviation. They will not be able to get the Wonder-Wheel launched. Hence in order to get Wonder Wheel launched, an individual needs to type the link in address bar as


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