Google Alerts – The Best Way to Stay Updated Over the Internet

While browsing we come across so many websites that provide news and updates on certain agendas. Although we can bookmark these pages and keep visiting the site regularly to check out the updated features and latest news.

However this process of visiting each site can prove to be very tasking especially when there many such sites in our list. At such, the simplest way to achieve this is by using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a well designed, efficient tool that allows its users to get all the email notifications of every website that introduces some new feature. This is a customizable tool, where the user can monitor exactly which website should send the notification. This is very helpful as then we get only such emails that we are interested in and unwanted emails are blocked.

The alerts offered by the Google Alerts are web, news, comprehensive, blogs, groups, and videos. Google automatically visits the websites as per the settings and gets all the notifications in form of emails. The frequency of the search can be set to ‘once a week’, ‘once a day’, and ‘as it happens’.

Unknown queries can also be set to Google Alerts. Here the user needs to specify in the search terms the keyword of the query and the address of the website where it will be available, and in make type as web. These settings are available under the Advanced Search option.

There is a simple trick to get your Google alerts as SMS. I’ll update this post soon with the details.



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