Some browsers provide you with auto refresh/reload feature to refresh web pages in tabs at regular interval.

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The above post solves auto reloading or refreshing problem for IE 7, but what about the rest of the world. A good number of people use: other better and secure web browsers like : Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome. In this article we’ll deal with how you can auto refresh Google Chrome, IE 8 and other browsers.

Auto Refreshing Or Reloading Web Page / Tab In Firefox:

Get the plugin Reload Every. This is a very useful extension, using which you can set options for each tab in firefox to refresh or reload after a specific interval.

Auto Refreshing or Reloading Web pages In Google Chrome, Internet Explorer / IE 8, Opera and other browsers:

Some browsers do not have extension feasibility like Firefox. If you use such a browser then you can make use of Auto refreshing service from the following websites.

1> Site Reloader :

Google Chrome IE 8 Firefox Auto Refresh Reload Web Page Tab<br />

2> Page Reboot :

Google Chrome IE 8 Firefox Auto Refresh Reload Web Page Tab<br />


  1. @gl0rfindel
    This is really nice, is there a way to modify this script to become active only when the requested page cannot load, say because the server is down.

  2. Hello Editor,

    I have One more candidate for the autopage refresh service.
    Check the site This page has custom Reboot time, and Interestingly also One more feature to refresh the page as soon as It get loaded.

    Very useful if you want any process to run as soon as it get completed.

    Anshu Sah

  3. I like the solution above from gl0rfindel but if I am active on the tab that is auto-refreshing sometimes the auto refresh occurs and takes be back to the original page at times when I wish it wouldn’t. Does someone know how to tweak this Javascript code so that the refresh timer would start over if a user is active on the page — perhaps determine active by mouse clicks or something?


  4. I have a solution for Google Chrome inspired by a Dual View “plugin” found at

    Just create a bookmark with the following code as the URL:
    timeout=prompt(“Set timeout [s]”);
    function reload(){

    Click the bookmark with the tab you want to auto-reload active.
    Set the time interval (in seconds) or set it to zero to cancel auto-reload.

    Originally posted here:

  5. @Vlasec – Chrome does not have this feature and hence I started with this article. However I realized this could be used with Opera too.

    Honestly, I did not know bout autorefresh feature in Opera. Thanks for the info.

    @Gary – Glad it was helpful. I really hope Google comes up with more features that will help users :). Some people need to realize that information is to be shared and just because we know something, doesn’t mean every one else knows about it too.

  6. Thanks to the moderator, I was searching for a solution for Chrome since I switched to it. Google has to work at it to push it to the top.

    Hey Vlasec –

    If u are pissed and u are taking it out here, it’s called transition. Take ur frustration elsehwere. Blogging is about sharing knowledge. I too wasn’t aware of the feature within Opera. Being humble takes you higher, than trying to be Mr.Know-it-all.

    Thanks to the moderators – Keep up the good work


  7. Did you notice there’s autorefresh in Opera without need of any plugin?

    Try to learn something about the thing before speaking bullshits. Thanks.

    I suppose ReloadEvery copied Autorefresh from Opera, but I am not sure which was first, however, its behaviour is almost identical.


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