Google Docs Updated To Gmailification

The Search engine giant, Google released an update of Google Docs which improves its functionality. With this update Google Docs will have become easier to find, share and organize documents. The update is basically related to improve the page where users select which documents they need to access.

Google has embedded new filters which are especially designed to help users such as private filters and visibility filters in order to navigate to their required documents. Mostly visibility filters allow users to find out their private or public documents separately. Whereas ownership filters make documents searching process easier for users.

Moreover, Google docs has incorporated with a “Priority sorting” filter to documents list. This feature brings the top most unread documents at the top of the list automatically for the user’s convenience.  It is quite similar to Gmail “Priority Inbox” feature which sets the important messages to the tag of priority inbox.

Google Docs is also incorporated with a preview pane at right corner of the page which displays the information of last viewed documents. If the documents are video files or photos then you can see them as full screen slideshow.

The final and last addition in Google Docs is “Home” menu item.  This feature allows users to manage their documents just like managing Gmail inbox. You can archive the unused documents using the home list menu of Google docs.  Google Docs has changed the “Folders “into “Collections”, which again similar to Gmail labels.

This update has been embedded to Google docs in order to make Google docs easier to navigate.  It is quite useful and effective to use updated version of Google Docs. Finally, the combination of priority sorting, Home menu, and filters definitely make your working easier.  This update can easily manage the overloading of documents to Google Docs to provide faster access to documents.


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