Google Home is the latest WiFi enabled personal assistant announced by Google. It will compete with Amazon Echo and there is a huge curiosity about its features. Here are some of the Google Home features that you need to know.

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Google Home Features

Google Home Features You Need To Know

  • Google home will reportedly share a number of hardware components with the Chromecast TV Streaming service. Users can ask for google Queries, book flights and manage everyday tasks among others.
  • It will feature a dual-core ARM based microprocessor with 4gb of ram. It will have a dual band 802.11ac WiFi chip.
  • Google home is quite similar to the Chromecast. It will also be powered by the Linux-based OS that is used by Chromecast. It will not run on Android.
  • Google Home will feature a microphone, speaker, plastic top with LED lights. The bottom will be made of fabric or metal bottom.
  • The Google Home is expected to have the same pricing as the Chromecast. Chromecast is priced at $35.
  • With this pricing, the Google Home will be a lot cheaper than its competitor, the Amazon Echo which retails at $179.

Apple is reportedly launching its Amazon Echo competitor sometime in 2017, so it is going to be a hotly contested market out there!

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