Latest addition to Googles line of products is Google Similar Images –

When you search for an image on Google similar Images, it’ll find similar or same images. So what’s the difference between similar and same images ? ..

Lets’ search for ‘Apple’ and see the difference yourself:

As you see in the first level, you’ll get different possible results, ‘Apple brand to Apple fruit’ and more.

Google Launches Its New Product - Google Similar Images

You’ll now have an option to dig further to find more details about what you are searching for.

Google Launches Its New Product - Google Similar Images

In the first level you have more options to choose from : All image sizes, extra large, large, medium, small sizes, different forms of content and of different colors.

The image search on Google Similar image searches is not done by the usual way of optical recognition, but a lot of factors go in.

With a huge metadata backing up Google is all set to take over a part of business from similar services like TinEye.

Still being an experimental service, Google Similar Images comes under Google Labs.



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