Google is well known for bringing innovative services to its consumers and while it has its flops, such as Google Plus and others, it will often times bring forth some truly amazing sites for consumers. Google Music is one such site.

Earlier this year Google announced that it would have its new project being tested in Beta stages. Its project, now known as Google Music, was a way for consumers to not only store their music in cloud storage, but also for them to get in touch with artists around the world in a simple and effective interface. Google Music was also aimed to help aspiring artists connected directly to their fans by publishing their own music and marketing themselves. Now Google Music has emerged from its beta testing and is a fully functional music phenomenon.

With wireless devices galore and no time to spare, people often find it a hassle to transfer their favorite music from one device to another over and over and over again. Google Music is aimed at simplifying this process. It allows consumers to store up to 20,000 songs up in their cloud storage and will automatically sync devices to the cloud so the music can be accessed from anywhere at any time!

If free cloud storage wasn’t enough of an incentive, then perhaps the sheer selection of music will be. Google Music offers one of the largest selections of music for consumers to listen to and purchase (at incredibly affordable prices). With thirteen million different songs for people to choose from, there are occasionally songs that are not available there so Google Music allows people to upload all of their songs to complete their music collection.

Another unique feature about Google Music is the fact that Google has managed to get some incredibly exclusive music recorded by popular artists that can only be found on Google Music. As part of their grand premier of Google Music you can find never before heard music from live concerts of The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhyme, and even new music from Pearl Jam and many more!

Last but not least Google Music provides a place for upcoming artists to bypass recording companies and connect directly to their fans. Google Music allows these artists to create and design their own artist page and promote their music either for free or for a profit! If the artists decide to charge, then they can set their own prices.

Overall Google Music is truly an innovative service. Not only are a majority of the features free, but those that do cost are incredibly affordable and worth the price! Now that Google Music is out of beta stages consumers everywhere can enjoy this fantastic combination of music, affordability, and innovation.


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