Google Scribe Is Very Helpful

These days, everybody uses short text message when they have to convey anything through mobile phone or an email. This practice has started from the time mobiles have become a crucial part our lives and it is just brutalizing the language to speedily finish the work. To improve and enhance the typing skills of the users, Google now has introduced a new application that is called Google’s Text Completion Service, Google Scribe.

Google Scribe is created with the intention to help the users to improve their typing skills and experience with a facility of text auto-completion service, which is a Google Labs project. This is very helpful for the users who are not very proficient in typing, but the users who are expert in typing might find it a little difficult.

Google Scribe helps the users to immediately complete the phrases and text by suggesting them the words from user’s document. This in return reduces spelling mistakes. It gives suggestion which is displayed on a pop down menu and users can select the phrase or a word by clicking on the Enter button or by pressing the relevant number of a word or phrase.


Google Scribe is very helpful to enhance the typing speed and users can enhance their common vocabulary. Google Scribe gives its users the option to choose the preferred and favorite language from the Language menu displayed in the Toolbar. Users can select “On Demand” option instead of “Always“, who are having good typing skills and good command over their language.

The users of Google Chrome can include the Auto Text Completion, Google Scribe facility to their browser. Users of other browsers apart from Chrome need to Bookmarklet Google Scribe to activate this feature.  Google Scribe Bookmarklet can be dragged from web browser’s Bookmarks or Favourite toolbar via Google Scribe home page.


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