Check Out Google Sync – A Sync Application For Windows Mobile Phones And iPhones

Google has come up with Google Sync, a synchronization application designed for Windows mobile phones and iPhones. If you happen to use a Windows Mobile phone or iPhone, this freeware is exactly what you need in order to synchronize your Google contacts and Google Calendar with your cellular gadgets.

As indicated by Google in its official mobile blog, you simply need to download and setup Google Sync into your Windows Mobile phone or iPhone and it will automatically update calendar events and address book from your Gmail account to your mobile phone. Google Sync has ability to keep your phone fully updated with regard to contacts and calendar events.

Google Sync is a two-way service which allows you to add, delete or change contact data and calendar events on your desktop or your phone. Whenever you make any alterations to contact data and calendar events on any of the two devices (i.e. desktop or phone) the other device gets updated wirelessly.

This application turns out to be very useful when you change your mobile phone as it allows you to quickly restore all your contacts and calendar data to your new phone. Using Google Sync, you may also back up your contacts and calendar events so that you can retrieve the data incase you lose your phone.

Before using this application, you need to verify whether your cellular device supports SyncML. You may easily download Google Sync by going to “” from your Windows Mobile phone or iPhone.


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