Find Text or Words in Web Pages By Getting Firefox Style Find Bar in Internet Explorer with Google Toolbar 5

The browser Internet Explorer has been made with the feature to find / search and locate text on web pages in a quite primitive way. Although “Ctrl+F shortcut” is present, the command “Find on this Page” is awkwardly hard to access. In addition, the Find dialog box utilized in IE 6 and IE 7 (it seems to be continuing in IE 8) has limited in search functionality and it is not user friendly.

The Internet fans that make use of Firefox web browser before will definitely miss the Find bar in Mozilla Firefox. The Find toolbar does not acquire various screen spaces, and also it doesn’t cover or hide any element of the webpage. It has new functionalities to easily create finding or searching of words on web pages. The users, who currently use beta version of Google Toolbar 6, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 respectively, have the choice to change the Find dialog box into Find bar.

Using this Find bar, user may well search for phrases or words and can promptly place and highlight key across each and every page. The Google Toolbar Find bar is can be turned on by just clicking on “Find” button on Google Toolbar, otherwise press Ctrl+F keyboard buttons.

If in case the Find bar doesn’t get activated, follow the outlines to turn on and enable the feature Find bar:

  1. First click on the wrench icon present on your Toolbar.
  2. Next, click on the tab “Tools” which is in ‘Toolbar Options’ window.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox Find bar.
  4. Hit the Save button.

Google Toolbar 6 has been improved and added number of features, which are custom buttons, provided with the gadget support, Google Notebook integration, synchronized Google Toolbar settings, improved AutoFill, suggestions for navigation errors, Browse by Name and Web History.

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