If you look at BestBuy and Sony then Google TV is sure in a bit of soup. The stage was launched some time back with the help of Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV. Since both contain the same system, both are troubled at the cost of Big Media’s Blockade. It is painfully noted that Google TV had worked to close the gap between the subscription based TV and internet content, bit the bridge is still stopped by bureaucratic red tape stuff.

Looks like Sony is addressing the greatest problem –price. Google TV’s units are priced quite high. The Logitech Revue at $300 and threatens to increase even with retailers as Amazon. Between the Black Friday sales, Sony set-top box is quite in demand now which does not mean well for Google. The $400 Blu-ray Google TV dropped its price by October to $399 MSRP.

Sony follows a pricing technique like that of Apple in maintaining one price in the beginning. The price falls only if another competitor is ready and Sony internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player is priced at $100 less that is $299. You can find this decrease in price all over from best Buy to the units product page. A deal of $100 less is quite a big drop, although it is still on the higher side.

But if it is a permanent drop, then it is a sure deal! Earlier, Logitech Revue, Sony Blu-ray, Google TV and the Sony LCD Google TV were all differently priced. But now the set top version still leads the show, although Logitech comes with a better interface. They both carry remotes with Sony containing a PS3-type controller ad Revue comes with a full sized keyboard.

In all probability the low prices may not be a constant. Some of Sony’s Blu-ray line is out for sale in the spirit of Black Friday, but no nowhere is the discounted price available. A discount in the price spells trouble for the product, as it is a common notion that cheaper the stuff, the lower the quality. That may be the reason why Google TV has landed itself in trouble.

Its features are half-cooked only and it is priced high. There is no doubt that Google can create a positive user experience. The problem with Google TV is not the technology. WiFi is now sturdy enough to balance wireless networking within the house. The question here is about the content. It was Google TV that first came up with the idea of organizing and aggregating all the free content that could be collected online. But that was not agreeable to all other companies!

[Via TechCrunch]


  1. I love being able to move all of my media content to one easy to view screen. I work with computers all day at DISH, the last thing I want to do is to come home and sit in front of another computer screen. I not have the option to sit on my sofa, comfortable in my living room. Its fantastic. I have better ease searching for the content I want, and being able to watch what I want. I can watch my regular shows that I watch and search through the internet, stream Netflix and watch you tube videos all from the same location. I wouldn’t trade it.


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