But, luckily the deal did not work out. Looking at it, I personally feel its good for most of the marketers.

Google is the master of the business and their main business model is Pay-Per-Click revenue, aka adwords. Their nearest competitor is Yahoo, though Yahoo is no where near to compete with Google in any standards – Yahoo has lesser inventory, yahoo’s ads are not that related to the content and Yahoo’s ad service still in it’s beta is not available for all nations except US !!

On the other hand, Google has a well established adsense – adwords business running just fine and improving quarter on quarter.

So what would happen if Google had bought over Yahoo ?

Simple their so called whatever competition would be killed, which means Pay Per Click Budgets would increase, which would bite the advertisers pockets. Not too sure if the advertisers would really like it during this time, the whole global economic turmoil thing …

Probably the publishers would have benefited from this, as Google always shares a certain % of the advertisers cost. But again, my take is, since all the publishers are already have a mindset set to certain sum of money, I doubt if they would really expect more.

Well, another head ache for the advertisers currently is to avoid click fraud. I came across a group on yahoo who keep clicking on each others ads ?? I don’t really understand why would want to do it.

Work hard and the money will flow in automatically. Why go a route which will end up banning you ?

Lets see what are the future developments regarding this from Google. I’m sure there are some smart heads working behind the scene to get things closer to perfection, but perfection especially when it comes to frauds and scammers is very difficult to achieve. It’s just like the Matrix – too real to be true 🙂

Coming back to PPC, you might want to get in touch with Jell if you are looking for some one professional 🙂


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