Is Google sensing competitive danger from Twitter. Twitter’s rapid growth has forced googleplex engineers to come up with more and better solution.

One area where Twitter beats google is real time news. If I want to find out instant news I head over to Twitter coz I know people are discussing the topic I want right there, right then !

Google bots take time to index and have their own limitations. However when it comes to authenticity I still think Google does a better job, But when I’m looking for election results I can put on the slective filter and get the news I want from twitter.

May be, this has forced google to come up with a new feature. Now whenever you search for anything you get a new link which says “Show options”, click on which puts across an array of new options that lets you customize your search further.

Googles Answer To Twitter ?

Googles Answer To Twitter ?

As you can see in the image there are a lot of options such as time based search, forum search, wiki search, search for results between a time frame (click on timeline for this option) and you should try Wonder Wheel which gives you some ‘Wonderful insight’ 🙂 .

Necessity pushes you to invent !


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