Online Storage Space from Google, G Drive

Oh yeah that’s right. Google is expanding their business like the water expands on digging a pond. Now it’s time for something Unique, real but yet virtual.


Look by unique it means this gadget is completely out of the box. Nowhere and never anyone had heard of it, or rather thought of it. By real it means, it really going to take place, and by virtual it means G-drive is nothing but a virtual storage memory in your computer. You can access this drive from anywhere, like from mobile, laptop and, of course, computer.

Google Web Drive:

With the new gadget from Google, this G-Drive drives away all the tensions regarding hard disk space. All kind of data can be stored over here, and the data can be synced between G-Drive and PC. In case of any failure, an online backup will always be present, 24×7.


Now the main thing required is to wait for the product to launch. It sounds interesting and surely it will be a great opportunity, facility and fun to work on this service. No matter what, now nobody has to think for hard disk space anymore.

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