Statcounter is one of my favorite web hit and web stats tracker. It’s free, ad-free and registered users have an option to keep the stats invisible. Which means there will not be any advertisements on your website, and statcounter code will silently sit behind your website and record all the activities of visitors on your website and report it to you.

If you have StatCounter installed on your system and happen to sell your website, you can now transfer the statcounter project along with the website to the new owner.

To transfer StatCounter project from one account to another:

1> Create a new, temporary StatCounter account. (I’ll explain why we’ll need this).

2> Login to your main StatCounter account, where you have details of all your current projects.

3> You’ll see all your projects listed when you click on ‘My Projects‘ link. Just above the list, you’ll see ‘Transfer Project‘. Click on it.

Here it’s a bit confusing, so follow these steps carefully. You may only transfer a project if you have admin access in both accounts. This normally will not be the case, as you will not have access to the admin account of the new webmaster. The best thing to do here is to create a new temporary account and transfer it to the temporary account. Give the login access of the temporary account to the new owner and the new owner can follow the same procedure to transfer the account from temporary account to their main account. We’ll use the temporary account that we have already created in step one.

4> First time, enter your username and password of the main account and click on the button ‘List projects‘. This will activate the drop down box of projects and all the projects from your main account will be listed.

5> Select the project which you want to transfer, and this time key in the username and password of the temporary account you have created and click on the button Tansfer Project. This will transfer your project from main statcounter account to the temporary statcounter account.

6> Give the login details of the temporary StatCounter account to the new owner and ask them to follow this procedure. They too can transfer the StatCounter project from the temporary account to their main account.


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