GX:: Transcoder, formerly known as GermaniXEncoder , functions as a universal encoder and decoder for audio and video files. It supports a large number of formats in both audio and video domain.

The supported audio formats are MP4, AAC, Bonk, FLAC, LA, MIDI, AVI (Audio), M4A, LPAC, MP3, MP2, MPC, Raw PCM, MP+, MPP, WavPack, VQF, Bonk, Monkeys Audio, TTA , Shorten, GSM, PCM, VOX, G721, ADPCM, G726, G723, DSP, MOD, and WMA.

The video converter supports the file types mpeg1, mpeg2 and avi with all installed codecs. The future version is expected to be compatible with WMV (supports SVCD, VCD and DVD Extensions) also. The application also supports the tags WMA Tags, ID3v1, Flac, MP4 Tags, ID3v2, OGG Vorbis Tags and APE Tags. It also supports the streams IceCast and Streamcast.

GX:: Transcoder also has the facilities to function as a Cue-Cutter, player and audio recorder. The conversions are done with good efficiency and the quality of the output is very high. The interface is also good, user friendly and it does not take too much time for one to start operating and master the menus. Further the conversion can also be done in batch format.

GX:: Transcoder is a freeware and thus can be downloaded and used without any restrictions as long as it is used for private use.

[ Get the latest version for free here. ]


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