Mobile phones… those little instruments with miniature keys hit the market to provide voice communications. But soon the ubiquitous cellphone has taken over the role of several other gadgets. The digital diary, watch, scheduler, voice recorder, e-mailing device, pager etc. The constant use of thumbs to type messages in the mobile phone has caused strain injuries in several users. But injury, discomfort, difficulty, price nothing comes in the way of people acquiring new mobile phones and to match the demand companies are launching newer, revolutionary and feature-filled handheld phones. Some of the latest phones come with a full keyboard and match the features of the personal computer.

More importantly mobile phones of various types and styles have taken over the world because of the style statement the user can make with them. Yes they are very easy to use, handy, helps being in touch always but then more than all this they are stylish. The mobile phone’s flickering lights, soft keypads, ear pleasing music, eye cooling videos etc are highly appealing to everyone and even boring corporate executives have begun to appear glamorous when they tote an ultra-modern handheld.

The first generations of phones were only capable of voice and text communication. But the latest phones can accomplish a host of functions and some even double up as a computer. With so many different types of phones available in the market, each offering an array of features, it is often confusing to decide on which one to buy. Here is a small review of four of the latest model mobile phones to help you decide which would be most suitable for you. Depending on the features, the phones have been classified so that it would suit a particular category of high-flyers who want to appear cool and trendy.


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