The motherboard is literally the heart of your system and as such is a complicated piece of circuitry. Every single part of your system is hooked up to this board. You will find there are several different codes relating to the motherboard, indicating specific problems with it such as the memory or CPU for example. These types of fault can often to repaired by replacing or reseating the associated chips and aren’t necessarily too big a disaster.

However, there is also the possibility of not getting any beep codes at all and this almost always means an outright failure of the motherboard. You will usually find that the keyboard lights are not working either. In this unhappy circumstance, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and get the motherboard replaced. Look on it as an opportunity to upgrade your PC, it might make you feel a bit better.

NOTE: one beep when the PC is switched on is normal and indicates that the BIOS has found no problems.

Hot tip: The motherboard is just about the only system component that is not easy to replace. In some cases you might have to virtually take the PC apart just to get at it. They also require a considerable amount of setting up. For theses reasons you are well advised to have a motherboard changed by an expert.

Don’t Forget: One beep when the PC is switched on is normal and indicates that all is well. Any other sequence or combination indicates that there is a problem some where.


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