For the last couple of days, I’ve seen a bit of down turn in the traffic to TechBuzz. This has happened since Bing came up.

The numbers fell down by close to 20% of what the traffic would have been otherwise. I checked the majority of the keywords for which I ranked well for, most were in tact and some had gotten better, which only meant, the reason for the down turn had to be something else.

However, it is steadily coming back to normalcy now. The only explanation I could think of was, a chunk of visitors, who otherwise would use Google, went around testing Bing, this is my guess. Otherwise, why would a see a dip in my traffic when Bing went to it’s peak and regain traffic when users came back to Google ?

Now that the Bing fever is coming down, my traffic is steadily growing back. This forces me to believe that my ‘Bing Bang Theory‘ is true. It’s too early to pass any verdict, I’d like to wait and watch for a couple of weeks more, before I can conclude on anything.

Coming to Bing, I’m getting a fair chunk of traffic from Bing, but I guess it’s still far away from being called as mature. A lot of other sites, which give less or varied information ranks for some of the keywords I rank well in Google.

I really wonder if the ‘Bing Bang Theory‘ is affecting me alone, or if there are others who are sailing in the same boat ?


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