Power toys are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. These extra programs developed after the concerned product’s launch makes working with Windows great fun and extremely practical.

There are many power toys for providing expediency to photographers. The color control-panel application assists in managing all windows color-settings in a single place. There is also a special tool that helps display RAW images in the form of thumbnails, printing, previews and metadata.

You can now upload HTML slide shows of digital photographs on your web venue with the help of the HTML slide-show wizard. Resizing images is made possible by Image Resizer while the Webcam Timershot helps take photos at defined time gaps using a webcam attached to your system. The CD slide-show-generator is another available power toy.

The Sync Toy can assist in syncing, moving or copying directories. You can get the benefit of lucid text onscreen so that you no longer have to squint to read from your system monitor, by using the Cleartype Tuner. This tool can be easily accessed via the control panel. The open-command-window-here is a power toy which allows easy access to the command window just by placing the mouse pointer on the chosen folder.

You can magnify a portion of the screen using the taskbar if you install the Taskbar magnifier tool. The Alt-tab replacement power toy helps you see a page preview apart from the application icon when its numerous sessions are open. Tweak UI tool allows access to settings not exposed to default user interface. You can manage maximum 4 desktops from the taskbar through Virtual desktop-manager.

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