Hide Browsing History In Firefox With HistoryBlock Add-on

If you want to hide the websites so that no one can see the website which you’ve visited before, then it could be done in some of the featured browsers now. To do so, you could make use of incognito mode which is present in Google Chrome or the private browsing feature Firefox and IE. However to hide more than few websites, the way to manually hide the websites will be quiet time consuming. Instead of enabling the private mode or incognito regularly, you could now use latest add-on, known as “HistoryBlock”.

HistoryBlock clears all the information about the browsing session which gets saved automatically in your computer. You could enter the list of website address (URL) which you want to hide in the recently closed tabs entries, history entries; entries of download manager, cookie entries and cache entries. To do so, all you have to do is, select Tools and then Add-ons in your Firefox. After that, select the option namely HistoryBlock. In this option, go to “Options” and you’ll be prompted with pop up window which would ask your for adding the host which has to be blocked.

Besides, you could simply right click. A context menu will be displayed and you have to select “Block This!” option. Automatically, the address of the current page would be added into the block list. Just go to the following link to download “HistoryBlock” in your Firefox browser.


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