Hide Or Remove Ads With The Firefox Add-On

Advertisements are the main income or revenue earner for numerous websites. The websites use these as cover against the cost of maintaining the web page and other expenses like providing of bandwidth and service. Web sites like MySpace and Orkut use this technique to a great extent. Orkut has gone ahead to replace the space earlier dedicated to friends list with a banner for advertising.

Orkut, a popular networking site from Google is extremely common in India and Brazil, whereas MySpace is extremely popular in the United States of America. Both these networking sites have lost over popularity to Facebook but still have a considerable amount of users registered with them.

Advertisements annoy users and slow down the processing and uploading of web pages. For some users it is unethical to remove or hide ads from these free websites as they are the only source of income for the web providers. But at times some of the advertisements pop up in front of the screen and irritate the user.

Firefox provides a free ad-on which helps users hide ads on MySpace and Orkut. In order to use this ad-on you must have the Firefox web browser. The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover removes the advertising banner from these networking sites and makes these sites more efficient and hassle free. The ad-on is currently available as version 1.0 and the updated version is much awaited.

The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover can be easily downloaded for free from the following link Here


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