In companies with multiple computers installed for a large team, sharing folders to gain access to the information stored in a particular system is a common practice. On one hand, it creates ease for other distant servers to access information saved on a particular system; it also considerably eliminates security for the sensitive data. By putting folder on a sharing mode, any one can access your personal and undisclosed data. To prevent the leaking of your personal information, Windows Server 2003 has launched a new application, Access Based Enumeration (ABE).

Access Based Enumeration helps users to make only those files visible which other users have the authoritative right to access. When ABE is installed in your system, it will not display those folders which are not assigned for public display. This application is accessible by only those systems that are loaded with a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line executable tool and API which is another potent advanced programming interface.

Access Based Enumeration, is highly recommended for hiding private files and folders located within a shared folder. This application, however, cannot be optimized for controlling over the display of shared files. This application is popularly used to manipulate over the visibility of DFS formatted folders and files located within the DFXS Namespace. ABE is available for free and does not require the installation of any other program for its access. The most popular versions of this application, I386, IA64 and AMD64 are easily available for installation on a system loaded with Windows Server 2003.

[ Download Access Based Enumeration ]


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