Hide Your Confidential And Important Documents Inside Images Using Firesteg

For security purpose of your files and folders, there are several encrypting applications available that offer you encrypt your files ands folders option from being viewed and accessed by others. If you want to try something innovative and unique to keep your files and folders away from other’s access, then FireSteg, which is the best alternative available.

It is an add-on for Firefox web browser that hides your files into images so that no one could ever think of searching for your confidential files in the images. It definitely provides certain level of protection to your important and confidential files and folders.


FireSteg is a stenography sidebar add-on, which is powered by java for Firefox. It allows users to hide their files into images and extract them easily in urgency.

Instructions to use FireSteg

  • Initially, install FireSteg.
  • To start FireSteg navigate to View>>Sidebar>>FireSteg.
  • It will be located at side bar. Go to Hide>>Files to Hide in order to hide files.
  • Here browse and search for those files you would like to hide into images
  • Now browse the image file under Cover Images tab which you want to use in hiding your files

Note: FireSteg supports only limited image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG. Therefore, make sure that you chosen images are in the prescribed formats to prevent rejection of the hiding process.

  • Now press the Hide Button to start hiding process.
  • If you want to recover them, click on the Extract option and file will be extracted on predefined locations.


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