Highlight And Compare Text Differences With Merge And Copy Capabilities

Revision of documents is extremely important for writers and other clerical workers. There are times where you have to compare a couple of documents to check out the differences made since the time it was last revised.

There are a number of utilities available in the market that will help your cause but the TextDiff is the simplest of them all and doesn’t even require the user to undergo any installation process. The implementation of this useful utility is extremely simple and effective. Both the files are opened and then compared line by line. Whenever a difference is detected, it is highlighted in a different color. This tiny utility is extremely handy is very popular among writers and other user’s.

After being successfully downloaded, the utility presents a simple Graphical User Interface having two panes besides each other. Users need to select the text documents which they want to scrutinize. After loading the files to the panes, click on the compare button to check out the results. Each line having a difference will be shown in a different color. Other than comparing texts, this utility also helps in editing, merging or copying any module of text between two files.

This utility comes in a size of 870KB and thus doesn’t affect the user’s hard disk. It is compatible with all the versions of Operating System launched by Windows and the best part is that it doesn’t require any installation.

You can download TextDiff from the following link Here:


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