History Tree Free Utility Displays Firefox Browsing History

Almost every browser allows users to explore their browsing history either closed tabs or most visited websites. There is no doubt that it is quite useful feature of web browser, which enables them to retrieve their most visited websites. However, web browsers have some limitations and allow few limited features only.

If users want more information regarding their visited websites such as timing to browse and particular links of the websites, then web browser fails to provide this information. There is a Firefox add-on named History Tree, which allows users to find more information about their browsing history.

This Firefox add-on is only designed to support Windows operating system. This add-on shows the information in the tree diagram to visualize them easily. Once this add-on is installed, you will see a new option added in the Tools Menu. By clicking on the option, the users will be able to view browsing history categorically.

Every visited website will be symbolized in rectangular boxes and each box will show up the name and time the website was visited. Users can change and set the various color codes for better visualization such as orange color for active Firefox tab, blue for close tabs, and yellow color for open, white for pages that can be accessed by back and forward buttons, and gray for pages those cannot be accessed by back and forward buttons.

Different boxes symbolize different websites. These all features allow users to get instant access to desired website. Users can view the preview of the screenshots by clicking on the selected website. Additionally, users can set the thumbnails view to have a glance while visiting the website on the screen. If you want to access your browsing history quickly and categorically, then add this add-on to your Firefox web browser easily from here.


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