Home Automation

Home Automation, is still fairly a new concept in India, mainly because of less awareness about it in general public, and also because of it’s high pricing.

Those who experiment with it are mostly techies, and / or the not so ‘aam janta’ from the upper middle class. However, this is set to change in the coming days with increasing competition in this niche, which will force price competition and the ‘aam janta’ will benefit from it.

IoTShow.in – IOT event in Bangalore(2017)

IoT and Home Automation will change your lives, by making our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

So far, hadn’t felt the need for Home Automation (as I live in a rented space), and hence it really doesn’t make sense for me to invest in it, and hence hadn’t looked into available options. However, when I met Sanath and his co-founder partner (can’t recall his name), at IoT event in Bangalore (02 – 04 March, 2017), I was really impressed by their Home Automation products.

I plan to implement some of Sanaths products at home, and review them.

Home Automation in India

In coming days, I’ll review other home automation products currently available in market and hopefully help buyers make informed choice (it’s quite an investment and you’d not want to make a wrong choice 🙂 ).

Stay tuned to this space (book mark this page for future reference).

Feel free to drop a message if you are looking for Home Automation solutions in India, and I’ll be able to help you with info I’ve gathered over time.


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