If you see the image above, you’ll notice the dip in traffic. The server being down was the reason for the dip. If you run a small website, then the dip is insignificant. But just imagine the damage/loss you’ll incur because of the dip. The traffic on my site was down for almost a day. this is the problem if you host with small time web hosting companies.

I’m looking to change my web hosting company. I’m not sure if I should opt for dedicated server. The traffic on this site is not that high that I should opt for one, but I’m sure, with dedication and hard work, it’ll grow up to that level in coming months. Sooner or later I will have to switch on to dedicated server. I was checking out some web sites which review web hosting services, as it is very important for any webmaster to do a complete analysis of which web hosting services before they’dopt for one. I checked out the dedicated server section at WebHostingGeeks and they have a detailed list of the top services in the market.

They also have a section called green hosting, where they review the industries top green hosting services. For those who do not know what green hosting is :

Green web hosting is great for obvious reasons – with the backing of a respectable green web host, you can feel good about your role in saving the earth, since green web hosts use alternative / renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs to power their datacenters.

I would like to hear from you folks about your personal experience, please leave your


  1. Best bet is to visit howtoforge and follow the simple instructions for creating your own from a retired system.


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