You may have seen that many people include pictures and images in comments that they leave on MySpace profiles. If you want to know how this is done, then read on.

As MySpace does not allow uploading of images via an Upload / Change Photos link the only way to include an image in your comment field is from a web location. For this, you have to upload your image on a photo sharing site / web album such as, or; or if you have a web server, the load the image on your own domain.

Once you have done this, get the web address or the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the image – which will look something like:

Now, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Login to your MySpace account.
  2. Browse to the MySpace profile where you want to leave a photo comment.
  3. Go to the comment field of the concerned MySpace profile, and click on the “Add Comment” link.
  4. Now, the main trick is to use the HTML tag <img>, which will instruct the web browser to download the image located at the URL that will follow the tag. Thus, your comment will have to include the following line:

<img src=”” />

Besides this line, you can add whatever text you want to in the comment according to your wish. (Note: If you already have the HTML tag code of the image – as some photo sharing sites often provide – simply paste it without any modification, as the <img> tag is already included in it.

  1. Click on the Post a Comment button.

Your comment will have the image (contained at the given web location) in it as soon as it is approved.


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