Hotkey to Switch between Tabs or Screens in the Same Window in IE7

I remember the days when I used to have difficulty with the shortcut keys for changing between the tabs. Yes, I am talking about the time when Internet Explorer 7 was first introduced. This hitch lingered around me for quite sometime, as I had become quite used to using the ALT-TAB that was ideally meant for switching between the windows, before transitioning to IE7.

I am sure that many of you must have faced similar problems, especially if you are lazy like me to reach out to the mouse right in front of us, to switch to another IE tab.

It took me at least a few days to learn that Ctrl-Tab on the keyboard will help me to move from one IE tab to another, which is on the same window.

Please be reminded that you still can continue using the Alt-Tab function to switch between the open windows (Windows are different and tabs are different. The difference is each instance of the browser is a window and tabs areĀ  instances open within a window) on the computer. In the beginning, I found Ctrl-Tab function a little difficult to use as I had to slither my thumb all the way to the bottom left corner, to press the keys.

How I wish, there is a windows hotkey for the same feature! Anybody who knows the knack to switch between the IE7 screens on the same window? Please let me know.


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