House Your Facebook Buddies Under A Single IM Using Social.IM

Our friends on Facebook are often registered with various different Instant Messenger networks including MSN, Google chat, Yahoo, AOL etc. Often, we find it quite difficult to keep in touch with friends outside Facebook. However, a recently launched desktop application by the name “Social.IM” helps you chat with all your Facebook buddies even outside Facebook.

Social.IM allows you house your Facebook friends beneath a single Instant Messenger and enjoy quick interaction and instant chatting. Currently, Social.IM only supports Facebook. It imports all your Facebook contacts to an IM buddy that is easily accessible from your desktop.

Social.IM has brought out its latest Alpha version 1.0.2493 which is only offered to Windows users. All Windows users can download the software from the website of Social.IM. Once you download the software, have it installed.

Social.IM leads you to a window that shows the login page of Facebook. You need to type your login details. It now extracts your Facebook friends’ network list along with the avatars to create an IM buddy list. If you see the status of any of your friends on IM Buddy appearing as “available”, it means they have also installed this application.

Any contacts’ status appearing with a blue colored circle shows that they have not yet installed or signed in to Social.IM. Social.IM offers outlook and features that are very much similar to various other Instant Messenger softwares. It alerts you for an incoming message, accepts Facebook “poke”, etc.

Social.IM is definitely a useful tool for all Facebook enthusiasts!


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