A service provider recently announced a GPS solution aimed to assist working women and girls staying alone. This service helps track your movement ensuring you are being watched every moment.

If you watched the latest bond flick Quantum of Solace, you’d have seen that M tracks every movement of James Bond using a GPS tracker. It is not just a Bond gadget anymore.

A lot of women do late night shifts and we have recently seen the increase in the rate of crime targeted at such working women. MapmyIndia has come out with GPS service and map solutions that tracks the movement of your loved ones. This intention of this service is to make traveling in India more secure and safer.

The mobile phones will have a GPS application on them, iNav, which does the tracking of where bouts. If the caller and the receiver both have MapMyIndia service enabled, the exact location of the caller and the receiver will be transmitted to each other.

There is no necessity for anyone to constantly call and check where the person is with this new application. The mobile phone shows the exact location on a detailed digital map. This service is available anywhere in India, day or night.

It’s a boon for the BPO employers who are worried about their employees safety.

Now does it mean that anyone who has this service activated can track who ever they want ? No, the beauty of this service is that the one who is being tracked gets to choose who tracks them. Basically there is an authentication needed before you can track someone. With this feature,  others cannot invade your privacy.

Well though this is a boon for a lot of them, I’m not sure how well this will be received by the teenagers and college going kids. Now who would like to be tracked when you are partying ;).



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