Using the Safe Senders List in Windows Mail

If you are facing serious troubles with spam, then an excellent strategy is to create a Safe Senders list in your Windows Mail account. This is particularly helpful if e-mails from a particular sender/domain are being constantly marked as Spam and filtered to the Junk folder. You often miss out on many important e-mails because of this problem. This article will show you how you can create a Safe Senders List in Windows Mail with a series of instructive steps.

  1. Run Windows Mail by going to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Mail.
  2. Provided that you already have a sample message from the sender in your mailbox, select that message.
  3. Using the tool bar to the top of the main application window, navigate to Message -> Junk E-mail.
  4. Now you have two options in front of you:
    1. Add Sender to Safe Senders List: This will ensure that all e-mails from that particular sender (and only that one) will always be sent to your inbox.
    2. Add Sender’s Domain to Safe Sender’s List: This will mean that any e-mail from the sender’s domain (e.g.,, etc.) will always be directed to your inbox, and nowhere else.
  5. However, if you do not have any sample message from the e-mail address you want to block e-mails from, you can add that address manually too. First, navigate to Tools -> Junk E-mail Options from the main application window.
  6. Select the Safe Senders tab and click on Add.
  7. Enter the e-mail address and click on OK. Even in this option you can opt to simply enter the domain name instead of any particular email address. For instance, if you enter, all e-mails that are of the form [email protected] will never be blocked (i.e. send to the Junk E-mail folder) in the future.


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