Do you feel Search Bar feature in Firefox navigation Toolbar is unnecessary for your daily need and feel that it takes up place that you could use for something else ? You don’t have to worry any more as you can customize your Firefox navigation toolbar the way you’d exactly want it to be.

Customized to suit our needs, the Search Bar featured on the Firefox Navigation Toolbar can now be easily removed.

For this you need to Go to View and select Toolbars. Click on the Customize button. Alternately you can right click any of the Toolbars be it the Navigation bar, the Bookmarks toolbar or your menu bar and choose the Customize option.

Now drag and drop the Search bar from the Firefox Navigation toolbar on the Customize Toolbar window. Finish off the task by clicking the “Done” button and closing the Customize Toolbar window. This allows the search box to be removed from the navigation bar.

In contrast to this, if you intend to add the Search Bar to your Firefox Navigation toolbar, Open the Customize Toolbar window using the above mentioned steps and locate the Search item. Now drag and drop the search bar on the Navigation toolbar in the position which is most convenient for your use.


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