You Now Can Add Cool Yahoo Smileys on Your Blogger Post

Blogspot do not permit to add yahoo smileys. We’ll all agree to the fact that it is better to put a smiley than actually saying it. Expressions are worth more than words. This could now be possible with the help of a small trick.

This article will help you with the method of adding the yahoo smiley on your blog posts on blogspot / blogger. It is not rocket science but just a minor change on the HTML page. The HTML source of the blogger is available as an option in the Blogger where the smiley codes can be inserted to reflect on your post. The steps are mentioned below:

  • First look for the layout option on your blog and then click on it.
  • There is an option to click on Edit HTML
  • After which you will get a tag called head. It will be mentioned as: </head>
  • Before the </head> tag add the below mentioned script:

<script src=’‘ type=’text/javascript’/>

It’s important that you save the template once your work is done. Now, whenever you will the insert smiley codes on your post, these codes will automatically turn in to smileys. You have to bear one thing in your mind without fail that you must leave a space before and after inserting the smile code.


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