Do you dabble around with Command Prompt often on your Windows box ? I know a few who play around with command prompt, the batch programming kinda guys who have tons of Command prompts open at the same time … their windows would look something like this:

How Can I Add Tabbed Feature To Command Prompt

Doesn’t it remind you of the good old Internet Explorer days ? If you have a lot of explorers open, then it makes your life really horrible, say 20 odd windows open and you had to search for a particular window, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten those days yet, unless you are one from the new breed GenX kid ..

But now things have changed, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 all of them have tabbed facility, which makes you life much simpler than you can imagine!! Now how about having something very similar feature, yeah the tabbed feature for your Command Prompt ? Fantastic it will be right? That’s exactly what I have found today.

Console is the software for you, if multiple Command Prompts are troubling you 🙂 . It is a standalone application which helps you run Command Prompt with an added tabbed feature to it. You can use it just like Firefox / Internet Explorer tabs, there by making your life easier 🙂

How Can I Add Tabbed Feature To Command Prompt

[Download Console From SourceForge]

[Download Console From DownloadSquad]



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