Recently one of the visitor had a problem with his Dell LCD monitor(model 1503FP). The brightness of the screen was too high as a result of which the websites with light background were not legible and could hardly read the words on the site.

This document helped him resolve his problem.


  1. I recently purchased a Dell flat Panel E2209W (22″)

    I am using Windows Vista (Home Basic)

    I must be missing something with maximizing a website to the maximum 22″ (or at least close to it).

    Some people have told me that certain websites will not fill to a screen of that size.
    I find that hard to believe that there should be approximately 3 inches of unused screen space on each side. It now becomes a 16″ monitor. Some of the same sites I view at work is on a 19″ monitor, and that views perfectly. I would be happy with even being close to that size. I played around with “Zoom” feature and font size, but I don’t think that is my answer. There is some distortion with those features.

    There must be something to do to maximize the viewing area!!

    I would appreciate any help!! Thank you in advance!!!!


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