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Recently one of the visitor had a problem with his Dell LCD monitor(model 1503FP). The brightness of the screen was too high as a result of which the websites with light background were not legible and could hardly read the words on the site.

This document helped him resolve his problem.

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  1. @Brian – You heard it right. Certain websites may not fill the complete screen. It depends on how the website was built. The key concept while building websites is either they will be of fixed width or will have floating width pages. More explanation here :

    So basically if the site you are visiting has fixed page width, there is nothing much that can be done about it.

  2. I recently purchased a Dell flat Panel E2209W (22″)

    I am using Windows Vista (Home Basic)

    I must be missing something with maximizing a website to the maximum 22″ (or at least close to it).

    Some people have told me that certain websites will not fill to a screen of that size.
    I find that hard to believe that there should be approximately 3 inches of unused screen space on each side. It now becomes a 16″ monitor. Some of the same sites I view at work is on a 19″ monitor, and that views perfectly. I would be happy with even being close to that size. I played around with “Zoom” feature and font size, but I don’t think that is my answer. There is some distortion with those features.

    There must be something to do to maximize the viewing area!!

    I would appreciate any help!! Thank you in advance!!!!

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