After buying a laptop, the most important thing is its maintenance. It is very important to keep it in top condition, mainly because such items are not the ones that you purchase on a daily basis, use and throw. That is why proper knowledge of its maintenance is very essential.

There is a fan at the bottom of the laptop which gets blocked due to overheating, causing instant failure of the hard drive. If you follow some basic methods, you can prevent your laptop from overheating.

Step 1.

– In case you are working on a table, you can always place some object under your computer’s battery. This automatically elevates the laptop partially, helping air to pass easily, thereby keeping your laptop consistently cool.

Step 2.

– When step 1 does not work, you will have to think of alternative ways, maybe something cruder. You can try sticking four conical shaped sockets, like the ones on egg trays, to the four corners of your laptop. You can make use of any sticking tape to hold them together. This not only elevates the whole laptop, but also allows for free airflow.

Step 3.

– Buy a laptop cooling mat. Many brands of cooling mats {Thermaltake, Xion, Targus} are easily available at computer stores such as Best Buy. It is even possible to buy online through You can choose the best suited for your laptop.

If there is anything you do apart from this, do let us know in the comments section so that we can add those points to the post.


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