How Can I Avoid My My Facebook Profile Being Found On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

When I search for my name in any of the search engines; Google, Yahoo and / or MSN, my Facebook profile comes up in the search engine listings. This may not be ok for a few.

Here’s how you can avoid your profile from being found on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN:

1> Login to your Facebook profile,
2> Go to Settings,
3> Click on Privacy Settings,

How Can I Avoid My My Facebook Profile Being Found On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

4> Click on Search

How Can I Avoid My My Facebook Profile Being Found On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

You’ll find the above listed options. Here you can select the options you are comfortable with.

By un selecting “Create a public search listing for me and submit it for search egine indexing”, your name will not be indexed in Search Engines, which will avoid your name being shown up in Search Engines when searched.

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  1. mustaphamushas dirige les fans sur les &(à media-reseaux-sociaux pour avoir la medaille d’or 2012

  2. Public Search is still there. It’s under “Privacy Settings” and then “Apps and Website” edit that and at the bottom you can enable or disable public search.

  3. What if i don’t want people to be able to google my name in general? what happened to privacy laws, if i google my name i swear im like a celebrity or something…i want it gone google is satan

  4. @Mia – Once you opt to be de-indexed from the search engines, it’ll take a while before you are removed from the index. It is not an overnight process and there is no specific time frame either. So you’ll have to wait till the search engines show mercy on you.

  5. Hi, i am in the same vote, the new privacy settings have been updated and my facebook page can be seen in public on google. I didnt see the page that allowed me to edit > that allowed the public to see the page, but when i went to edit my privacy settings i made settings on my account, but did not see if i wanted to edit the search engine, so i went back to facebook to change the setting to no public search and still my name can be seen in public. What can be done to take out the link from public search?

  6. @Sirfes – I’m sorry if I missed comments, at times we tend to over look comments as we deal with ton of spams and most valuable time goes fighting them and also that we over look comments. Sorry for that and thank you for taking your time to answer the question.

  7. You didn’t say a word on Jean Dreesen’s comment, who was the FIRST one to share his thought. The option is NOT available anymore. So?

    It’s easy to answer just the easy questions…

  8. It takes a while before it is de-indexed from Google. Can be anywhere from a few weeks to more than 3 – 6 months. Google doesn’t give enough information about how often they index and de-index content.

  9. I unchecked the “Create a search listing…” box and my facebook and photos from facebook still show up on google. Does it take a while for it to go away? Or do I have to do something else? Thanks!

  10. Help! How can i remove my screen name from google and yahoo search engines as my screen name is coming up on whole lot of dating sites please help me romove my screen name off the search engine sites

  11. I checked the “public search” box under the privacy search setting and also listed “everyone” to view it. However, I have not been able to find my page when I search for it under google, yahoo, ect. Why is my profile not showing under these search engines and how do I fix it.

  12. The option public search listening is not available anymore (july 2009). Is there another way?


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