Mystery unveiled secrets of success from blogging

Secrets of success from Blogging are unveiled. Blogging is not like a race where everyone runs knowing that only one can win but the losers don’t quit and they grew much stronger to give competition. Here everyone can be a winner if they follow some rules.

There are myriads of bloggers who post quality stuff but only few get the publicity. It’s all because of lack of vision and planning. It’s not only the quality stuff that matters for publicity rather it is making the people read what you have posted.

Some of the successful bloggers are Labnol, ProBlogger, Shoemoney, JohnChow and lots more who followed the rules like guidebook and have planned according to it.

If you are really interested in making a great traffic and also a high PR then there are lots of ways to achieve that. In this article only 8 secrets are mentioned but they are the vital once. Blogging is not only posting but also blog SEO, managing blog, Commenting and lots more and this should be bear in mind.

8 roads towards the success are:

1. PATIENCE: No matter what you should have patience, all you need is some extra time. In the beginning you might not get good traffic, even visitors may ignore your blog, and you might earn nothing but all you should do is WAIT. Don’t wait by sitting idle, just post your stuff as you are supposed to and you will see positive results and favour to take your side. Remember the golden words, Slow and Steady wins the race!

2. UNIQUE: Please do not copy from someone else’s post and paste it in your blog. Trust me you don’t want to be a COPYCAT. It will just shut your dreams close for ever. Your post should be UNIQUE.

3. ADVERTISEMENT: don’t go in haste and put advertisements on your first post entry. Once you achieve 200 traffic daily you can put ads but not before that. Those 200 traffics should be unique.

4. VISIBILITY: Try to be in all places. Make yourself available everywhere so as to get publicity. Be a member of different blog communities like blogcatalog, mybloglog and much more. Comments in others blog posts, and this will bring traffic and high PR.

5. EXCHANGE LINK: Be as friendly as you can with other successful bloggers and request for link exchanges. Remember the contents of your post and his posts should be on the right track else it’s a complete waste.

6. CREATIVE: It’s always good to know something more everyday so try to share everything with the world that you know. Be creative, innovative. More importantly try to attract readers to read your blog posts.

7. ACCURATE: It’s more same as being creative. All you have to do is to try some new style of writing. Don’t go with the same usual words or topics that are generally used. Readers don’t feel to read same thing from different posts rather they want thing to be different.

8. NO SPAM: Try not to post lots of paid reviews. Maximum 2 posts can be there for the entry. If you put more and more paid reviews it will demolish your PR and you will be over with nothing.

There are two things that don’t exist but still everyone seems to run after that. One, success can’t be achieved by following shortcuts and the second is free fruits. You will be benefited only if you work hard enough. If you don’t want to harm your image then tips of black hat SEO should not be on your blog. Read articles on Blogging regularly to stay updated.


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