Firefox is an internet browser with some special features and add-ons. One of them is Block Site. This Firefox add-on, facilitates blocking of website you never wish to visit again. In addition to it also prevents hyperlinks of the blocked sites in any other web pages that we open. For such hyperlinks it displays the simple text links.


Blacklist and White list: Blacklist is a default option by which any of the websites that you add to the list will get treated as blacklisted. In case you want to see only limited sites then you can choose white list options and add some sites to it. Then your Firefox browser will give you access to only those websites.

Password Protection: By setting password you can restrict the use of those sites which you never want to access. He only glitch is that it does not ensure the full protection as anyone can uninstall the add-on any time they want and gain access to the restricted sites.

Range of websites: If you want to avoid the full range of websites then you have the wildcard symbol (*) option. By using this you can block the whole range of those websites that contain that word wholly or partially, as this symbol shows zero or more random characters at that place.

Save the lists: You have the option to save the list of blocked as well as white listed sites as a text file by using import and export button.

How to use Block Site Extension in Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser and then click on tools. Select the Add-ons option.

2. Select the option Block Site from the list and then click options button

3. A dialogue box appears. Add the website which you want to block on your system.

Note: This tool does not provide 100% safety as anyone can uninstall the add-ons. It therefore is not an effective tool for parental control. However it does provide a certain amount of restrictions on the children.


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