eBoostr can be defined as the multi-utility tool that allows users to enhance the performance output of their system. It optimizes the means of an additional drive like flash memory, hard drive etc to boost the speed of your computer. It augments the level of response from the applications’ end by improving the efficiency of your system.

This application launches your desired applications much faster. It basically gathers all the statistics related to your favorite application and works at optimizing its performance. It conducts a prior caching of files and data to allow your system to work at a faster speed. It loads your windows browser at a speed faster than the normal loading speed.

You do not need to install any other program to improvise the performance of this application. All you need is a system connected with an external drive like a flash memory drive to activate this application. eBoostr is an excellent memory manager. It stores your data in a systematic way to efficiently manage your data storage space available. This stabilizes the speed and responsiveness of your system applications.

This application is an excellent alternative to ReadyBoost and Superfetch technologies. It is supported by all the versions of Windows Operating system. Its advanced feature of Smart Cache Mechanism speeds up your start up applications. It further enables you to re-boot your system at much faster pace. The latest version, eBooster-3 sports some additional features as well. This version is loaded with potent anti-virus software that keeps your system protected.

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