Alternative ways to run a PC in safe mode

The shortest and easiest way to boot a PC in safe mode is by pressing F8 button. Well, sometimes we face some major problem to boot in safe mode when F8 button fails to work. Since we all know that no one can really give a ion clad guarantee on an electronics product, so we just have make a few adjustments to sort out needs. There are alternative ways to boot a machine in safe mode other than pressing F8 key.

The below mentioned steps are the alternative ways booting a machine in safe mode:

  • For Windows XP through msconfig
  1. Your computer should first run in normal mode.
  2. Click on Start, from Start menu present at the extreme bottom left hand side corner, and then click on Run.
  3. Then press the Enter key after typing msconfig in the blank space.
  4. Look for BOOT.INI tab, once you got that then click on it and then look for SAFEBOOT and click on the check box.
  5. Now you have to check the option named MINIMAL, if it is already checked then it is fine else you need to check it.
  6. Then select Apply button and click on OK to finish.
  7. Your work is done and when you will restart your machine then it will automatically run in safe mode.

Now if you are willing to run the machine again in normal mode then you just have to uncheck the MINIMAL and SAFEBOOT and then click on apply and then OK to finish the process.

  • For Windows Vista through msconfig
  1. Make sure your computer is open in normal mode at first.
  2. Click on Start button and then click on Run option.
  3. After you typed msconfig. Hit on Enter.
  4. Select the boot tab and Safe Boot box should be checked.
  5. Check the Minimal option too.
  6. Click on apply and ok to finish the process.
  7. Once the above 6 steps are completed your work is done.

Once you restart your machine, your computer will always run on Safe Mode whether you press F8 or not. If you are willing to bring back the normal mode then you just have to uncheck all the checked option, just as it was before.

  • BootSafe: It is a third party tool which is available for free of cost. It is much more prominent and easiest way to run a PC in safe mode because it itself provides you with the option to restart your machine in either normal mode or safe mode. You don’t even need to install the software. All you have to do it to open and run after downloading the software.
  1. The first step is just the same as before. Make sure your computer is running on normal mode.
  2. Open BootSafe either by double clicking on the icon or right click on the icon and select open.
  3. Click on Safe mode option to check it and then the minimal option too.
  4. Restart your machine and your work is done.
  5. Open BootSafe and check normal restart to bring it back as it was.



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