For all those looking to build their own robots, this is the time. Microsoft has come out with solutions to help you.

The recent scheduled conference by Microsoft on Robot Development announced the launch of their latest Robotics Studio. This application is an excellent Windows based environment designed for academics and developers to create robot based applications. These robotic applications can then be used in a various hardware appliances. This tool is enhanced by a visual programming environment that helps non-programmers or novice programmers to easily generate robot based applications with this tool.

This application supports myriad robot based platforms. The best part of this application is that it can run directly on the platform. Or, it can be operated from a Widows based device via communication tools like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Its self-explanatory visual programming facility lets the users create applications by simply dragging and dropping tools to form robotic applications.

Further, Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express features a strong Visual Simulation Environment. This is efficiently used for running games at par with the physical interactions of the real world. This tool is compatible with Operating Systems like windows XP, Windows Server 2008, vista, Windows 2003. At the time of installation of this tool, you also get free tutorials for learning the intricacies of this program. You also get samples to allow users to share the development procedure for complex robotic applications. This program is available for free download. This is a stand-alone program which does not require the installation of any other software for its activation. The moment you download this application, you can start creating and enjoying robot based applications.

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