Paypal is the world’s leading and trusted online payment processing option. If you do business online, then you better have paypal else, you’ll see a sharp decline in your business.

Since Paypal is operated by eBay inc, your money is safe and also it becomes a trusted entity.

At times there might be some disputes with paypal, which would require you to call paypal directly clarify a whole lot of things. Being in India, if I had to call paypal, it would cost an arm and leg for me as it will be an international call.

But now there is an easy option. I can call paypal for free, for absolutely no cost !!

You need to be connected to the internet. Download and install Skype on your system. Once you’ve installed Skype call this number +18882211161 .

There is only one thing you need to keep in mind while calling up. Call them up during US office hours, else you might end up talking to an answering machine 😀

You can call up from any part of the world. and VOIP over skype is free :).


  1. Actually this number works and definitely is for free. Thanks for sharing. And please don’t remove. I’ll be coming back to this site every time i need to call paypal. Thanks 🙂


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