How Can I Cancel Auto Update In Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro ?

If you have Adobe Acrobat 9 pro, then you would have experienced it’s useful, but irritating auto update feature that is fired up every time you load the program.

This is an annoying feature especially for those who are on a slower system. To turn of the auto update feature of Adobe Acrobat 9 pro :

1> Go to Edit,
2> Click on Preferences,
3> Under the tab General you’ll find a box “Check for Updates“, un-check this box,
4> Select OK.

This will make sure the auto update is not run every time Acrobat Pro is loaded.

If the update is already kicked off, then you’ll find a small white colored icon near the clock. Click on it and select Cancel. It’ll give you options to pause, cancel now and download later. Select the one which says, “Cancel and never update” and this will take care of your problem.

After you cancel the auto update check, it becomes your responsibility to check for updates, this is the only disadvantage of turning of auto updates !


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